We love work! Fostering well-being and engagement combats unsustainable workloads and prevents burnout.

How to Make Workloads Great Again

Unsustainably high workloads contribute significantly to work stress and burnout. According to a recent survey of over 4,000 employees by ...
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The Burnout Machine

With burnout rates astonishingly high, we have entered an era of what I call the Burnout Machine. This machine is ...
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Stressed employee with huge workload

The Causes of Unsustainable Workloads

In a previous article, we explored what burnout is and why it happens. We identified four pivotal categories of demands ...
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Burnout can be understood as a long-term balance between demands, which raise stress, and resources, which lower it.

What burnout is and why it happens

In the wake of the pandemic, burnout has emerged as a formidable challenge for leaders to tackle. Its impact on ...
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The AIR Consensus method helps you reach high-quality group decisions in minutes

The AIR Consensus method for group decision-making

Have you ever faced difficulties with group decision-making? Reaching consensus in a group can be tricky. So what do you ...
The 3-2-1-Go Decision-Making Framework shows 3 main stages, Define, Develop, and Determine, around a set of Core Values.

Improve decision-making with the 3-2-1-Go Framework

As a leader or team member, do you ever find yourself wishing you could improve decision-making? Have you ever been ...
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Ten keys to changing team behaviour or culture

Attempts at changing team behaviour or culture often fail, and end up wasting the resources put into those initiatives. So, ...
Example calendar of time-sucking negativity

How leaders can deal with time-sucking negativity

I recently chatted with an exceptional leader who radiates optimism, positivity, and kindness. He shared a current challenge he referred ...
How to waste efforts to change team behaviour

How to waste efforts to change team behaviour

Do you want to waste the time, effort, and resources put into trying to change behaviour in your team? Good ...
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Ant colonies highlight the key to create successful behaviour change.

Synergy – The key to successful behaviour change

Learn how synergy is key to successful behaviour change, and how leaders can use it to make their change initiatives ...